Terminal Mollendo

Type of cargo transferred at this terminal:
(Liquid Bulk Cargo)

Operational resources for mooring and unmooring maneuvers:

Tugboats in/out Launch boat Pilots Mooring lines Anchors

02 Tugs in / out if Vessel has more than 35,000.00 of DWT on mooring/unmooring maneuvers.

01 Tug in / out if Vessel has less than 35,000.00 of DWT on mooring/unmooring maneuvers

02 Launch boats for Mooring / Unmooring maneuvers

01 Pilot up to 200 mtrs LOA

01 Pilots more than 200 mtrs LOA

Ten ( 10 ) nylon mooring ropes according to the ship´s tonnage; of 220 mts. Length each one in good state (the ships regularly mooring with 4 moorings aft and 01 mooring fore) Two (02) anchors ready for anchorage with at least 10 shackles in good state.

Principal operations & Rates:

              Cargo Disch / Load Rate Remarks
NFCC Discharge 5,000 bbls/mt
ULSD Discharge 7,000 bbls/mt
HOGBS Discharge 5,000 bbls/mt
FAME Discharge 3,000 bbls/mt

Port Facilities:

Service Avalaible / Not Avalaible Remarks
Fresh water Not Available
Bunkers delivery Available
Garbage disposal Not Available
Slop removal Not Available
Sludge removal Not Available
Dunnage removal Not Available

Agency offices full style:

Agental Peru
+511 4184545
Av Coronel Francisco Bolognesi N°807, La Punta, Callao .