Type of cargo transferred at this terminal:
(Liquid bulk cargo)

Terminal Particulars:

Max LOA Max Draft Max Disp. Max Beam
Monobuoy 345 m 21,5 404,150 mt 62

Anchoring manuever with pilot assistance
Mooring maneuvers can be performed with daylight only.
Un-mooring maneuvers allowed 24 hours.
Max Wind 18 Knots for maneuver
Max wave 1,5 mts for maneuver

Operational resources for mooring and unmooring maneuvers:

Tugboats in/out Launch boat Pilots Mooring lines Anchors

2 in / 2 out

3 in / 3 out


2 in / 2 out


Terminal provides 2 lines at AFT







There is compulsory the tugboat assistance during all stay along with a mooring master.

Principal operations & Rates:

              Cargo Disch / Load Rate Remarks
Crudo Disch 7000 cbm 2 hoses of 16 inch
Crudo Load 1000 cbm 2 hoses of 16 inch

Port Facilities:

Service Available / Not Available Remarks
Fresh water Available at anchorage
Bunkers delivery Available at anchorage
Garbage disposal Available at anchorage
Slop removal Available at anchorage
Sludge removal Available at anchorage
Dunnage removal Available at anchorage

Agency offices full style:

Agental Quintero
+56 32 2934526
Hermanos Carrera 57, Quintero, Chile.

Terminal pictures