Electroandina S.A.

Type of cargo transferred at this terminal:
(Liquid bulk cargo, Dry bulk

Terminal Particulars:

Max LOA Max Draft Max DWT Max Disp. Max Beam
Electroandina  235 m 14.6 m 95,000 mt

Max LOA for Bulk carrier 235 m, Max LOA for Oil tanker 242.8 m.
Daylight restriction: No
Shore crane facilities: 02 cranes, 1 of 20 tons, 1 of 40 tons.
Max winds for mooring: 14 knots.

Operational resources for mooring and unmooring maneuvers:

Tugboats in/out Launch boat Pilots Mooring lines Anchors

2 in / 2 out  for LOA more than150 m


2 in / 2 out & 1 for warping



1 in / 1 out  LOA less  than 220 m

2 in / 2 out LOA over 220 m

14 Ropes x 220 m



2 with 10 shackles min.



There is compulsory to use 10 linesmen on board the ship for mooring and warping maneuvers.

Principal operations & Rates:

              Cargo Disch / Load Rate Remarks
Coal Disch 600 mt per hour 2 gangs
Caustic Soda Disch 200 mt per hour Hose 1 x 6 inch

Port Facilities:

Service Available / Not Available
Fresh water Not Available
Bunkers delivery Not Available
Garbage disposal Not Available
Slop removal Not Available
Sludge removal Not Available
Dunnage removal Not Available

Agency offices full style:

Agental Tocopilla
+56 55 2417990
Av Arturo Prat, N°1278, Tocopilla, Chile.

Terminal pictures