Type of cargo transferred at this terminal:
(Liquid bulk cargo)

Terminal Particulars:


Max LOA Max Draft Max DWT Max Disp. Max Beam
Comap 185 m 13 m 56000 mt 30.6 m

Remarks: Daylight restriction: Yes.

Operational resources for mooring and unmooring maneuvers:


Tugboats in/out Launch boat Pilots Mooring lines Anchors

1  in /1 out for loa less than 150 m.

2 in / 2 out for loa over 150 m.



1 in / 1 out


1 in / 1 out



7 x 220 m.




2 x 11 shackles



Principal operations & Rates:


              Cargo Disch / Load Rate Remarks
Clean prods Disch 800 mt x hr

Port Facilities:

Service Avalaible / Not Avalaible Remarks
Fresh water Not available
Bunkers delivery Not available
Garbage disposal Not available
Slop removal Not available
Sludge removal Not available
Dunnage removal Not available

Agency offices full style:
Operations Head Office
+56 2 23373800
Av Vitacura 2939, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile . 20th floor