ATI (Antofagasta Terminal Int)

Type of cargo transferred at this terminal:
(Liquid bulk cargo, Dry bulk
cargo, Containers, Project cargo,
General cargo)

Terminal Particulars:

Max LOA Max Draft Max DWT Max Disp. Max Beam
Berth N°5  224 m 12 m
Berth N°7  337  m  11.6 m  –

Remarks: Airdraft 14 m. and additional conveyor belt Max. Airdarft 10.5 m.

Operational resources for mooring and unmooring maneuvers:

Tugboats in/out Launch boat Pilots Mooring lines Anchors
Berth N°5 2 in / 2 out over 150 m LOA 1 in / 1 out* 1 12 x 220 m 2
Berth N°7 2 in / 2 out

3 in / 3 out for LOA over 275 m.

1 in / 1 out** 1 12 x 220 m 2

02 pilots for LOA over 180 m at berth N°5.
02 pilots for LOA over 220 m at berth N°7.
*2 launch boat in / 1 out for LOA over 180 m, at berth N°5.
**2 launch boat in / out for loa over 220 m at berth N°7.

Principal operations & Rates:

              Cargo Disch / Load Rate Remarks
Containers Disch / Load 15 full units per hour per gang shore crane
Zinc concentrate (by rotainer) Load 100 rotainers per shift per gang 28 ton per each rotainer
Cucon (by rotainer)  Load 100 rotainers per shift per gang 28 ton per each rotainer
Cucon (by terminal conbeyor belt from the Sierra Gorda stock pile) Load 550 mt per hr
Copper Anodes Load 1600 mt per shift basis two gangs

Port Facilities:

Service Available / Not Available
Fresh water  Available
Bunkers delivery Available
Garbage disposal Available
Slop removal Not Available
Sludge removal Not Available
Dunnage removal Available

Agency offices full style:

Agental Antofagasta
+56 55 2417736
Balmaceda 2472, Antofagasta, Región de Antofagasta, Chile. 17th floor, office 171

Terminal pictures