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Structure of the Group of companies of Agencias Marítimas AGENTAL

Activities of the Group of companies of Agencias Marítimas AGENTAL

> Ship’s and Cargo Services, Storage, Warehousing and Logistics:
AGENTAL and Agencias Marítimas Unidas S.A. (AGEMAR) offer services to the cargo, storage, transport and assistance in warehouses and depots. Both companies also participate actively in all kind of stevedoring, load and discharge operations in the main ports of Chile. For cargo activities AGENTAL attends stevedoring operations of containers, frozen goods, forest products, ports cargo handling and custody, special cargo projects, logistics, stuffing and unstuffing of containers and haulage activities. Besides, AGENTAL offers several services related to ships' management such us crew changes, coastal sailing and channel crossing assistance, spare parts delivery and port and protective representations.

> Boat and Launches:

AGENTAL and Agencias Marítimas Unidas S.A. (AGEMAR) operate 21 pilot boats and launches in the main ports in Chile rendering assistance to merchant ships and offering transport of crews and authorities at ports during berth & unberth maneuvering. Marítima NAUTILUS S.A. operates 6 speed boats in Puerto Chacabuco from where it attends an area of 900 square nautical miles in the coast border of the XI Region of Chile, offering sailing transport services to workers and professionals of the salmon industry in the Aysen Region.

> Agency Services to Chemical Tankers and Oil Tanker Ships:

JOTABE Marítima S.A. gives support to the merchant ships specialized in the transport of liquid bulks, Oil and its derivates.

> Stevedoring and Terminals' Management:
PORTUARIA PATACHE S.A supports the operations in the port of Patache giving assistance to the discharging operations of coal and sulfuric acid for CELTA and COLLAHUASI and taking care of the loading operations and stowage of rock salt from this port  to the East Coast of USA and Canada. Said activities include the coordination and operation of the yards and storage areas adjacent to the terminal.

> Agental in Peru:

EMS started operations in Peru in 1995, as port and stevedoring. This agency has always been  related to CPT.  As from October 2010 was acquired  by AGENTAL  to extend its presence in the West Coast of South America.


Solid Growth: +322% in 5 years..
Good coverage and excellent clients support.
Healthy market share: +6,1%


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