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In AGENTAL we are committed to deliver first class quality shipping and port services to our clients, with vision in the future, enabling them to successfully develop its business in Chile.
To be a leader in ships and cargo agency market, providing global services to all kind of vessels in ports and cargo transported by our customers

Executives and Agents

AGENTAL has a team of executives and highly trained professionals with a large working experience in the shipping and port business. The company is recognized by a highly demanding working environment and by the dedication of their executives and employees for the hard and continuous work always well done, which helps to ensure a successful development of all the logistic projects, carriage and operations of our clients. These executives and professionals are duly supported by a group of assistants and administrative staff of excellent level.

At present, AGENTAL has staff of professionals and specialists, widely recognized in the market. This group is formed by:

Ernesto López
Commercial Vice President
Professional with 30 years of experience in the shipping industry, served important positions as Sales Manager in BRAMBLES Sea Cargo in Sydney, Australia and then as Product Manager in CARGILL Chile. Later he worked as CEO of TBS CHILE S.A. and from year 2003 to date, joined AGENTAL where is consolidating his successful career, managing his vast networking and commercial contacts handled by the group of companies of CPT.

Claudio Morales
Operations Manager
Bridge Officer of the Chile’s Merchant Marine, sailed over 5 years in different types of ships and then performed another 4 years as a ship operator in port in the stevedoring company HUALPEN in Talcahuano. He also played important role in port as cargo and vessel’s super intendant manager for different shipping companies represented by AGENTAL. Over the past 20 years has successfully developed various responsibilities within the CPT Group with a remarkable contribution thanks to his great knowledge of daily issues in operations carried out by AGENTAL.

Maximiliano Brown
Agent Governing Arica / Iquique / Patache

Teddy Tardone
Agent Governing Tocopilla / Antofagasta / Huasco / Coquimbo

Ricardo Clavijo
Agent Governing Quintero / Valparaíso / San Antonio

Carlos Gutierrez
Agent Governing Bahia Concepción / Talcahuano / San Vicente / Coronel.



















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