NAUTILUS expands fleet in Puerto Chacabuco

In February 2014 it began operations M/B RIO BAKER, a fast speed boat that is incorporated as the ninth unit to Marítima NAUTILUS´s fleet. This passenger boat joins M/B RIO BLANCO and M/B RIO CUERVO that commenced operations in January 2013, increasing the coverage and quality of the services rendered by this company to the salmon industry in the Aysen Region. The three speed boats already mentioned, meet with high standards for speed, comfort and safety on board, covering their southern routes at speeds that can reach 24 knots at maximum performance and complement efficiently the original fleet of six speed boats (M/B RIO CISNES, M/B RIO AYSEN,  M/B RIO CONDOR, M/B RIO YELCHO, M/B RIO PUELO and M/B RIO PASCUA), which are in operation since 2008. No doubt that this growth in the fleet provides good connectivity solutions, transporting safely to all the personnel working in the salmon industry from distant and remote centers to and from Puerto Chacabuco. Maritima NAUTILUS thanks the continuous and constant support from all its clients and customers, which enabled a robust and sustainable growth of its services, adding value to the working conditions of all the people, professionals and technicians working in the salmon farming centers of the Aysen Region.


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02/01 NAUTILUS expands fleet in Puerto Chacabuco
In February 2014 it began operations M/B RIO BAKER, a fast speed boat that is incorporated as the ninth unit
In 2013, AGENTAL consolidated a strong market position in the provision of port and maritime ship agency services to specialized vessels dedicated
08/22 Coal Discharge in Coronel
On behalf of PACIFIC BASIN, AGENTAL acted as protective agents of MV MAPLE ISLAND. From Aug 22nd to Aug 24th 2011, M/V MAPLE ISLAND discharged 49.152,89 tons of steamed coal in bulk consigned to COLBUN S.A.
02/27 Earthquake in Chile
As a result of this catastrophe the countryís center and south zones suffered huge damages also affecting our company, as CPTís branch office located in Talcahuano, as well as Agentalís local office, were totally destroyed.
05/31 Chile Ports' Details
AGENTAL has prepared a Manual of the main ports of Chile where you can find the general characteristics of each port, in addition to information that will help you to get a better understanding of the capabilities of each port complex.
05/09 Christening Ceremony of Passenger Boats of Maritima Nautilus S.A.
With the attendance of customers and Authorities, on Thursday May 8th in Puerto Chacabuco it was carried out the christening ceremony for the fleet of speed and passenger boats of MARITIMA NAUTILUS S.A., company leader in the transport of personnel and executives of firms dedicated to the farm of salmon fish in the Aysén Region.

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