Our Mission and Vision

Provide port, logistic and agency services including the following activities: management of ships at ports, development of stevedoring operations, handling and custody of cargo at ports and provision of boat and launch services to support vessel’s maneuvering in ports and terminals or during navigation. These services are focused to protect and develop the management of CPT Empresas Marítimas S.A. and to provide a wide care of our clients' demands, satisfying their needs and fulfilling their service parameters. The clients' portfolio includes cargo controllers and operators, owners and charterers of any kind of ships: conventional and general cargo vessels; fishing boats; liquid, gas and bulk carriers; special projects ships and regular liner container vessels.

The services rendered by AGENTAL seek to strengthen a long-term relationship based on trust and loyalty of our customers, with whom we are committed to protect and safeguard their interests. The development of all the services rendered by our company will maintain an appropriate capital structure, aiming to increase the number of customers served and to expand our shipping activities and customers' portfolio with focus on steady growth and continuous improvement of our processes.

Quality Policy
Agencias Marítimas AGENTAL Ltda. is committed to observe, fulfill and implement an on going Quality Management program in order to assure the effective achievement of the objectives of the system. Our services and activities are developed providing care at all times to the requirements and demands of our clients with focus on continuous improvement. Our shipping and port services are rendered seeking to reach an outstanding performance and trying to exceed the service expectations of our clients.

The management of the company ensures that this quality policy is well known, understood and applied at all levels of the organization. The management also commits to keep the policy duly updated.

Claudio Morales V.
General Manager
Agencias Marítimas Agental Ltda.


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