Agency Services

We take care of coordinating and supervising vessel operations in both port and marine terminals from start to finish, ensuring our client’s needs are adhered to.

  • Port Agency services
  • Protecting Port Agent
  • Fuel delivery coordination (Bunkering)
  • Magellan Strait crossing coordination
  • Documental services to the ship and its cargo
  • Maritime Legal Advice
  • Mooring rope hiring services

Husbandry Services

We have a team dedicated to the needs of our shipowners and their crews, supporting them with services such as:

  • Crew change
  • Airport assistance
  • Cash to Master delivery coordination
  • Coordination of provisions and general supplies delivery services
  • Coordination of lubricant and spare parts delivery services

Boat Services

Our large fleet of boats meets the transportation and operational support needs of our customers.

  • Transferring bay and channel pilots.
  • Transferring local authorities, maritime personnel, and crew change.
  • Assistance in mooring, unmooring, anchoring, and heave up anchoring maneuvers.
  • Transportation of materials, spare parts, and provisions.
  • Assistance in maintenance of buoys and terminals, underwater inspections, connection, and disconnection of pipes and hoses in liquid bulk terminals.
  • Transporting people to remote islands in the southern regions of Chile.

Logistics Services

Our services of loading cargo are oriented to obtain the best loading rates, to protect the condition of all mobilized merchandise and to ensure it arrives at its destination on time.

  • Stowage / Unloading
  • Storage and inventory control
  • Consolidation / Deconsolidation
  • Planning and coordination of cargo shipments
  • Handling of special loads (overweight/over-dimensioned/hazardous)
  • Cargo escort service, route evaluations
  • Administration of charter contracts and operation of cargoes project
  • Control of access and exit costs in warehouses (GATE IN – GATE OUT)

Towage Services

As part of CPT Empresas Marítimas, we have a fleet of tugboats stationed in Latin America, consisting of units in constant renewal to meet the high demands of the port market, offshore and rescue.
We currently have the necessary equipment to provide the following services:

  • Port operations (Mooring and unmooring of ships)
  • Towage services
  • Salvage services
  • Assistance in ship to ship maneuvers operations (STS)
  • Standby services
  • Port maintenance services