About us

Our operations began in 1958 in the port of Talcahuano, delivering our services to vessels represented by CPT
Empresas Marítimas S.A.

Since then, we have established a network of offices serving all main ports of Chile. We have expanded agency activities to a full range of port terminal operation and management services including in-port towage, and boat services for the transport of pilots, authorities, crews, and cargo. Since 2010, we have been operating in the main
ports of Peru including Callao, Pisco, Paita, and Talara.

‘From port to final destination’ – Our experienced specialist logistics team offers a comprehensive service to co-ordinate the consolidation of your cargo, its storage, handling and land transportation. We can provide these services with our own professional managed services and land fleet, and with trusted local partners who share our commitment to high excellence of service.

Members of CPT
Empresas Marítimas S.A.

We are part of the CPT Empresas Marítimas S.A. group, which since 1909 has provided maritime, port, and logistics services on the Chilean coast. Beginning its operations as a maritime agency, in the city of Valparaiso, it has been expanding its services and geographical reach throughout Chile and across South America.

Today, CPT’s activities include transportation of people, support services to the salmon industry, towing services and marine rescue, as well as shipping agency services, its original activity.


We are experts in providing attention to detail when attending ships and their maritime port logistics. We offer a personalized, agile, and optimized service ensuring that shipowners, receivers, and exporters can comply with the planned schedules in their foreign trade operations.


To be leaders in Latin America as maritime agents and logistics providers, being part of the strategic business chain of our clients so that they can count on a standardized service in all ports and distribution areas of the region.

Value Proposition

We are your ally in all stages of the journey, we solve all of your operational queries and
continuously advise you to ensure timely, and informed decision making.

Experience that gives

We know your
business thanks to our
extensive experience
as Shipping Agents.

Your operation
in our hands

We approach your
operation in an integral
way, providing you with
tailor-made solutions.

Technology at your

We communicate
through multiple
channels to keep you
advised at all times.

Integrated Policy

As part of our integrated policy, our United Management System for Quality, Safety, and Occupational Health pursues the following focuses:

  • Fulfillment of its objectives and continuous improvement of its processes.
  • The fulfillment of our client’s requirements.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements to which the company subscribes to, in order to provide its services.
  • To adhere to all health and safety conditions for our collaborators.
  • Commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks (identify possible risks and to take necessary preventive measures)
  • To prevent injuries and damage to the health of our employees and third parties that participate in our activities, through the active implementation of risk control and reduction, promoting good practices, operational procedures, and encouraging “Self-Care”.
  • Maintain the necessary mechanisms and channels for the participation and consultation of the Collaborators or their Representatives in occupational safety and health issues.

The fulfillment of this Policy allows us to sustain an integrated management system, which, together with the associated resources, encourages the development of our Collaborators and organizational commitment.

Management ensures that this Policy is known, understood, and applied throughout all levels of the organization. Management also guarantees that the policy is maintained, up-to-date, and represents the strategic vision of the company.

Quality Commitment

Through CPT Empresas Marítimas S.A., in Agental we have an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18.001, being certified by “Lloyd’s”.

This commitment is delivered by understanding our customer needs, meeting and exceeding their expectations, while caring for our Collaborators.

Our Team

At Agental, we have highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the maritime industry, excelling in their solid operational management while providing dedicated customer service.


Ricardo Clavijo
Commercial Manager


Marcelo Onel
General Manager – AGENTAL


Giovanna Muñoz
Dept. Head – Operations, Chile


Claudio Fernández
Dept. Head – Tankers


Miguel Prado
Market Analyst


Teddy Tardone
Dept. Head – Dry Cargo


Jorge Murillo
Dept. Head – Logistic – Chile


Macarena Moya
Dept. Head – Husbandry


Gerald Delgado
Dept. Head – Launch Services


Maximiliano Brown
North Regional Manager


Claudio Morales
Center Regional Manager


Carlos Gutíerrez
South Regional Manager


Jean Pierre Arevalo
Dept. Head – Commercial, Perú


Eduardo Mosqueira
Perú Regional Manager


Nelly Jiménez
Dept. Head – Operations, Perú